Facial Care

A well-groomed face – Beautiful skin

When we meet a person, we first look at their face and thereby assess their attractiveness. The face is an important gauge of attraction and an expression of the personality. In addition to the individual facial features it is above all the condition of the facial skin, which influences the judgment of the beholder. Healthy and clean skin alone is also regarded as beautiful. Only few are fortunate enough to have naturally beautiful and robust facial skin.
For all others a beautiful complexion is unfortunately not attainable without effort. In order to preserve the natural beauty of the complexion, the facial skin should be carefully groomed daily and protected from environmental influences. Of course internal factors also play a role in the condition of the skin.

Some peculiarities have to be considered with regard to the care and cleaning: the facial skin is much thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the body. It is uncovered and therefore constantly exposed to the influence of the sun, cold, dryness and pollutants.
If nothing else inner stimuli such as stress, grief or sleep deficiency leave their traces on the face. In order to defy these negative effects, it is useful to support the skin’s own systems. The facial skin needs a lifetime of support through gentle cleansing and type-appropriate care. Cutisonic can help you with this.

There are five types, into which skin can be divided. For an optimal facial care it is important to know your own skin type.

  • Mixed skin shines and tends towards impurities in the T-zone. The cheek area is between normal and dry.


  • Dry skin is less elastic, tends to itch and is easily irritated.


  • Normal skin is rosy, elastic and unproblematic.


  • Unclean skin is often caused by hormones and tends towards an increased sebum production and irritation.


  • Sensitive skin is dry, often reddened and taut. It reacts sensitively to UV light, temperature fluctuations, heating air or stress.


Thorough cleansing of the skin is very important, as germs and other forms of contamination are removed before inflammation and pimples can form.
Even if you come home from a party in the middle of the night and just want to fall into bed, the removal of makeup from our skin is mandatory, no matter how late it is! Otherwise a mixture of sebum, dead skin cells, sweat and makeup can clog the pores. The result of which is that the skin can no longer breathe properly and therefore bacteria can spread more easily. Start your makeup removal with the cleaning of your eyes. Use a special eye makeup remover for this purpose. Next the whole face should be cleaned with a mild cleanser such as facial cleansing milk.
Whenever possible do not use any soap for cleaning, as this will dry out the skin too much. Use the Cutisonic face care tool for a fast and thorough cleaning.

The Cutisonic ultrasonic face cleanser optimally supports your facial cleaning. Cutisonic cleans your skin deeply without damaging it. The ultrasonic waves remove stubborn dirt, rid the skin of makeup residue and stimulate circulation. With it you also have an anti-aging treatment included. The Cutisonic ultrasonic face cleanser is suitable for sensitive skin.

Cutisonic. Be Flawless

With Cutisonic’s ultrasonic waves you can achieve a deep cleansing facial treatment without aggressive rotating facial cleansing brushes. Cutisonic prevents harmful “over-exfoliation” and is suitable even for sensitive skin.

Switch to the edgeless makeup sponge. With it you can apply your liquid makeup perfectly. You will get a complexion as flawless as if it was done by an airbrush makeup artist.

Washable, cordless, rechargeable and in a travel size – this way you can use Cutisonic anywhere. With a protective cap it is safe in any travel or makeup bag and free from risk of contamination or damage.

For you and your skin