Sonic Face Cleansing Brush
& Make Up Applicator


Cutisonic. Be Flawless

With Cutisonic’s ultrasonic waves you can achieve a deep cleansing facial treatment without aggressive rotating facial cleansing brushes. Cutisonic prevents harmful “over-exfoliation” and is suitable even for sensitive skin.

Switch to the edgeless makeup sponge. With it you can apply your liquid makeup perfectly. You will get a complexion as flawless as if it was done by an airbrush makeup artist..

Washable, cordless, rechargeable and in a travel size – this way you can use Cutisonic anywhere. With a protective cap it is safe in any travel or makeup bag and free from risk of contamination or damage.

Brushes & Skin Care


Many facial cleansing brushes exfoliate (remove the skin cells) by aggressively scrubbing the skin.

An exfoliating facial treatment is recommended once or twice per week. Excessive exfoliation can damage the skin.

If the skin feels irritated, burning or even pungent after cleaning, this can result from an over-exfoliation.

Cutisonic works with ultrasound technology and cleans without aggressive rotary brushes.


Cutisonic produces over 22,000 waves per minute (over 360 per second), almost twice the intensity of a normal face cleanser. These waves deep cleanse pores to rid the skin of excess oils and stimulate increased circulation.

The best sonic facial cleansing brush for sensitive skin, Cutisonic avoids damaging over-exfoliation, and is safe for all skin types.

This helps reduce spots, pimples & acne, brings a healthy glow to the skin and helps reduce the signs of aging.

Sonic waves penetrate skin

Vibrations fracture and dislodge dirt

Dirt is drawn out

Extremely soft and gentle

Cutisonic with ultrasonic technology cleans without aggressive rotary brushes.

Our hypoallergenic silicone cleanser pad is extremely soft and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Since there is no scrubbing involved, a single pad can last for several months, even with daily use.

Healthier Skin

Cutisonic’s ultrasound technology cleanses your skin deep into the pores. They become smaller and less visible. As Cutisonic cannot over-exfoliate, it can be used daily without causing any dry patches, spots or sensitivity.

Within weeks your skin will look smoother, more even and healthier.

fewer pores possible

better cleansing possible

improvement of the skin possible

Washable & Hygienic

Cutisonic Ultra sonic brush is IPX5 rated water resistant.p>

Safe to wash at a sink or in the shower, it’s always hygienic and handy for the next use.

As we use hypoallergenic silicon, there are no bristles to harbour any bacteria or dirt.

Flawless Make Up

Makelloses MakeUp

Powder makeups can dry out the skin or form crusts and do not provide the best finish.

For a natural look it is best to use liquid makeup. However, fingers and sponges are not suitable for its application, because they will either apply it unevenly or waste a lot of expensive product.

While makeup brushes can be much better, they do not give you the perfect finish that you can expect from Cutisonic.

Instant Change

It is easy and takes only a few seconds to change from the cleaning mode to the makeup mode.

Now you can apply your makeup perfectly without needing any additional tools!

Peel back cleanser pad

Position makeup pad centrally

Press to secure makeup sponge

Deeper Colour

Cutisonic spreads any liquid cosmetic over your skin and into your epidermis in a thin, perfect, even layer for a professional finish.

Foundation on skin surface

Vibrations spread makeup evenly

Longer lasting, deeper colour

Smoother Skin


Experience improved skin texture and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Your skin appears smoother and younger. The sonic facial brush vibrations smooth the make up perfectly, reducing the appearance of fine wrinkle lines, and at the same time massage your face for improved circulation.

Vibrations smooth makeup

Massage improves circulation

Reduced appearance of wrinkles

Perfect for Travel

Cutisonic is just 2 inches (5cm) wide, rechargeable, cordless and lasts up to 6 months on a single charge. It also has a protective head cap that covers the pad, so it’s safe to carry in a handbag, toiletry bag or carry-on luggage.

Cordless & Versatile

Use Cutisonic anywhere. No need for any travel adapter or plug conversion.


Li-Ion battery lasts up to 6 months (6 hours use, with a 2 minute auto switch off timer), has a 2 hour recharge time. USB Recharge cable included in pack.

Safe to Carry

A protective head cap covers the pad, so it’s safe to carry in a handbag, toiletry bag or carry-on luggage without contamination, mess or damage.

Small & Handy

Cutisonic is just 2 inches (5cm) wide and 2 inches (5cm) tall with the cap on.